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The Value of Professional Storefront Renovations

A storefront is often the first impression that a business will make on potential customers. A well-designed and thoughtful storefront will inspire interest and draw new customers into the store. As a result, the storefront is considered one of the most important elements in establishing and reinforcing a brand. Whether it is a completely new store or a renovation of an existing storefront, it is important to carefully plan out all of the elements that go into a storefront – one that will put forth the perfect impression to customers as well as people who simply pass by the store.
When it comes to creating the perfect storefront for a business, it can be difficult taking different concepts of the design and translating them into the actual elements that go into building the storefront. A highly experienced custom millwork company can often simplify this process by assisting throughout the design phase and ensuring the designs match the finished product. This can be instrumental in creating the right atmosphere outside the store while also continuing a similar impression throughout the interior of the store.



Designing a New Storefront


Designing a new storefront is a blank canvas which allows storeowners to bring their unique visions for the business to life. A well-designed storefront provides the opportunity to significantly influence customers before they ever enter the store. Redesigning an existing storefront is a cost-effective way to rebrand the business and renew interest in the store.


The top custom millwork companies operating in the GTA will be able to assist in the designing of a storefront that conveys the perfect expression for the business. These companies are also able to work seamlessly alongside other industry professionals, such as specialized designers and general contractors, to ensure any existing plans are accurately brought to life.



Finding the Right Company for the Project


There are numerous different options for performing storefront renovations in the GTA. It is important to find the right company for your unique renovation project to ensure that it is done right the first time with quality craftsmanship that is built to last.


There are custom millwork companies servicing the GTA with over 20 years of experience handling many different types of commercial and residential projects. In addition to being highly skilled in millwork, the top companies will also have experience with other types of building materials, such as laminate, stainless steel, quartz, granite and marble.


A storefront renovation is a significant investment in the business; the company that is chosen to complete the storefront project should treat the project with attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality. Take the time to find a company with a proven history of completing storefront renovations as well as a strong reputation in the industry. If there are tight deadlines for the work to be completed, ensure the company can meet these deadlines to prevent frustrating and costly delays.


Researching the companies that are available and choosing the best company to meet your unique storefront renovation needs is the best way to ensure a successful storefront renovation project from design all the way through to implementation.

Commercial Renovation Toronto

Commercial Renovation in Toronto


I am search of a company that is experienced in commercial renovations to help with a new project taking place in the Toronto area.


What are some examples of the commercial jobs or projects your company has helped to complete?


Do you have any before and after pictures?


By Sadyd Pc (Admin)
Luna Interiors has been in the commercial renovations industry since 1991, so can definitely assist you with your renovation project. 
Our team of experienced contractors and reno experts have extensive knowledge of the commercial renovation process and can offer you help from start to finish.
We have worked on a multitude of different projects within the commercial sector including some of the following::
Apartment Buildings (Commercial Renovation)
  • Lobby commercial renovation
  • Exterior Apartment entrance renovations
  • newer materials for a newer, more modern look
 Retail Stores & Chains (Commercial Renovation)
  • Retail store fixtures
  • Displays
  • Shelving and window displays
  • cabinets and counter-tops 
  • wall inserts 
Restaurants (Commercial Renovation)
  • complete restaurant renovation
  • eating area tables & bar areas
  • seating section furniture
  • lighting fixtures etc
Office Space (Commercial Renovation)
  • Complete office space renovation
  • reception areas
  • waiting rooms
  • kitchen areas
  • individual offices
We have also included some before and after images on the top of this post so you can have an idea of the kinds of commercial renovations we have completed in the past. 
Feel free to contact our team for more information about the commercial renovation options available to you or to book a free consultation.

Luna Interiors Ltd.

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Mississauga, ON L4W 1A9


905 625 9111


commercial renovation toronto